My Best Friend's Wedding

A best frien of mine,an indian friend,his name is APPU,well,he and his girl friend getting married at last.

Today,29th november 2008,APPU come to my shop and pass me an invitation card to a wedding dinner,i was shocked.Hey Appu,you are getting married at last,congrat!

I reach Appu's house around 10 pm with my best friend-desmond and my colleage,then we have a photo session with the lovely couple,after all,they serve us with delicious traditional indian food.

We left Appu's house around 1130pm

p/s:wish the lovely couple live happily ever after!

all about LOVE !!!




People said LOVE is wonderful,LOVE is happiness,LOVE is everything-YUP!i agree
first at all,i want to tell you guys a little bit about it:-

I,in my 27 now,i have a girl friend who are in her early 20's,we've been together for almost 1 year.i knew her when she was working at her uncle's phone shop,i still remember that was heavy rain,a friend of mine intro me to her uncle,then i ran in to the shop,i saw a young girl standing at the counter,she hv long hair,fair skin,big eyes,devilish body....yup an angel!i was stoned after i saw her,i didnt talk much to her at the first time(shy ma that time),im just pass the phone to her and explain bout the damage of the phone.then i leave the shop but she still in my mind-clearly.

I visited the shop for a few time later,then only we able to get know each other,she's single BUT no available that time,but from her,i found out that her boy friend(ex now) treated her bad,like to beat her up(what an animal?i hate this kind of manimal),she called me few times and tell me how suffer is her life when she with the manimal,i feel really bad after i've listen about her story,i wanted to ask her to leave the manimal,but old folks ever said;-宁教人打仔,莫教人分妻...sigh
I told my self,i must safe her once i got chance(wah!like super hero).

God never forsake us,1 night,yeah...that night i still can remember,0230,im just back frm yum char with a friend,i received a call,is from her!!im was wondering why she call me at that time,i answered,i can hear she was crying,i asked her few times,but she didnt answer me,then i can sense there is something worst happen to her,i asked her again,then she tell me that the manimal beat her up badly and bang her head to the wall-inhuman!!(i'll beat him up if i'm able to meet him face to face,i wont let him stay alive,trust me)

Few month pass,i think i cant stand it anymore,i brave up my self,i express my feeling to her,i tell her that i love her,she was shocked that time,but she accepted me at last.

We were happy together ,but this time,the UNCLE,the DEVILISH UNCLE,hate him a lot,he tried to stop us,she want to seperate us,BUT with god's power,nothing gonna stop us,her mom agree to let us together,then we ignore the DEVILISH UNCLE and be together all the time.

Chinese said-花没百日红,Today,our relationship facing a lot of road block,we almost argue everyday,even for small2 problem,sigh...but i promise,i'll do anything to stop this nonsense.
DEAR,im trying,i will bared it,no matter how difficult it is,i'll never leave you alone,i'll never give up,this i promise you!


Wow,is aLMOST a years i never dropby and write blog again.
I've been through a lot during these time,
i will share it with you guys again,
Do drop me some comment when you free
Thank you